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Pioneering A New Era Of Targeting

Datamonk helps marketers reach mobile audiences at scale by harnessing the power of Big Data. Datamonk identifies behavioural and demographic patterns among mobile users and applies probabilistic methods to tie these attributes to specific audiences. The result: actionable targeting data that can be used for programmatic buying by advertisers, agencies, DSPs and ad networks.

Data Enrichment

Know who is seeing your ads – so you can target the right users at the right price

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Audience Segmentation

Segment your audience or use our ready-to-target audiences for your branding or performance campaign.

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App Store Analytics

Gain deep insights into the app ecosystem and make better informed business decisions.  

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Cross-Platform Market Intelligence
for Apps on iTunes, Google Play and Facebook



App Stores



Datamonk Analytics helps you…



Target the right users

Detailed demographics tell you who is using which Apps and what those users´ interests are.



Spot trends

Stay ahead of the curve by knowing which Apps and markets are hot and which are not.



Generate leads

Filter by market, category and userbase demographics and find the companies that you want to work with.




Mobile Data Enrichment:
Richer Data, Better Targeting.


Datamonk Mobile Data Enrichment


… helps assign demographic and behavioural attributes to mobile users, helping brands and performance advertisers reach their target audience at scale. Our proprietary algorithm can infer rich demographics and interests of users based on their usage patterns, which in turn gives insights into what kind of ads are likely to be relevant to them.

For this purpose we draw upon data that we collect on over 1 million mobile apps – much of which is accessible through our analytics product – including an app´s demographic breakdown by country, category, price and the size of its userbase. We perform data layering, semantic analysis and pattern detection to gain a comprehensive understanding of each app, the interrelatedness of apps, and corresponding patterns in app usage. Additional third party data allows us to gain deeper insights into app usage and user affinity patterns.

Attributes that Datamonk can predict about your users:


Gender, age, household income and more.


Datamonk can tell you whether a user is likely to be a gamer, shopper, traveller etc.


Socioeconomic Status

Datamonk can predict the household income of your users based on locational and behavioural data.

Activity Level

Distinguish the low casual users from the power users.


Allow advertisers to bid more efficiently on RTB by providing them with relevant audience data – impression by impression.


Increase demand for inventory and reach higher eCPMs by helping advertisers understand the users behind the impressions.


Increase eCPMs by serving the right ads to the right users and show your advertisers which audiences their ads have reached.

Audience Segmentation:
Categorize Your Users, Discover Similar Ones



Datamonk can help you segment your users – or provide ready-to-target audiences – that have certain characteristics, e.g.:

  • - male big spenders
  • - health-conscious users based in London
  • - sports fans aged 40 and above
  • - females interested in travelling


Do you know your audience? Let us find out for you!