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Data-as-a-Service for Mobile Advertising

Predictive Behavioral Targeting

Optimize your RTB campaigns while maintaining scale by integrating our mobile audience predictor.

Advertisers & DSPs

Audience Segmentation

Increase demand for your inventory by helping advertisers understand who your users are.

Publishers, SSPs & Ad Networks

App Store Analytics

Gain deep insights into the app ecosystem and make better informed business decisions.  

Analysts & Investors

Datamonk is a Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform for mobile advertising. On the demand side, we provide targeting data that helps mobile advertisers reach the right audiences at the right price. On the supply side, we help publishers increase the yield from their inventory by segmenting their audiences and thereby increasing demand. Our statistical approach allows us to cover close to 100% of devices while complying with European privacy legislation.

Attributes that Datamonk can predict about mobile audiences:


Gender, age, household income and more.


Datamonk can tell you which users are likely to be gamers, fashion enthusiasts, frequent travellers etc.



Datamonk can segment audiences by predicted income level.

Activity Level

Distinguish the low casual users from the power users.

Selected clients


Cross-Platform Market Intelligence
for Apps on iTunes, Google Play and Facebook



App Stores



Datamonk Analytics helps you…



Target the right users

Detailed demographics tell you who is using which Apps and what those users´ interests are.



Spot trends

Stay ahead of the curve by knowing which Apps and markets are hot and which are not.



Generate leads

Filter by market, category and userbase demographics and find the companies that you want to work with.